How Do I Get My Site To The Top Of Google?

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how do i get my site to the top of google

You know you write amazing content, but you’re just not getting traffic you know you deserve. It can be incredibly difficult to generate consistent traffic without showing up in search engines such as Google. In this article, I’ll tell you how to get your site to the top of Google so you can boost your traffic and generate more revenue.

You Could Pay To Get The Top Spot On Google, But…

Yes, it’s true that you can pay to get your site at the top of Google. Many large corporations are able to do this because they have unlimited resources and they know that paying to be at the top of Google is a profitable investment.

paying to be at the top of google

Large companies will pay to have their websites at the top of Google.

However, if you’re a relatively small blog or website with limited resources, buying your way to the top of Google is not sustainable and it won’t be profitable. Fortunately, there are ways to get your site to the top of Google for free so you can reap all the rewards without spending a dime.

How To Get Your Site To The Top Of Google

When people talk about getting their site to the top of Google, they are talking about SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is the key to ranking well on Google. Websites with strong SEO practices consistently rank well on Google, while websites with no SEO strategy are often left in the dust.

The keys to strong SEO which will get your site to the top of Google are strong keywords, unique images, a catalogue of backlinks, social media interaction, and a blog post structure optimized for search engines. These are not the only factors, but they are certainly the most important. Let’s talk briefly about each of these factors:

  1. Strong keywords are the cornerstone to any successful blog post. If your blog post doesn’t contain words that people are searching for in Google, then your post will never get exposure.
  2. Unique images are another major factor to ranking well in Google. This includes adding a description and alt tags, which will make your image appear in Google Images. If you copy someone’s else image, Google will recognize that it’s not unique content.
  3. Building backlinks is one of the more difficult SEO practices to master, but it can be one of the most effective strategies when working to get your site to the top of Google. Google recognizes that sites with a high number of quality backlinks is more legitimate, which will improve your rankings.
  4. Social media interaction is not just a great way to spread your content around the world quickly, it’s also a great tool for getting your site to the top of Google. Google looks for content that people are engaging with, whether that be through a Facebook comment, Twitter retweet, or upvote on Reddit.
  5. Having and SEO friendly blog post structure is the final step to ranking well on Google. If you write great content, but don’t structure your posts correctly, you’re website will never get found. Here at BlogWinners, we’ve developed a blog post formula that helped our websites rank at the top of Google for many different keywords including “why does my iphone battery die so fast,” “iPhone won’t ring,” “what is Bernie Sanders doing now,” and “why are there so many mosquitoes in my yard.”
    we don't pay to be at the top of google

    We don’t pay to be at the top of Google, and you don’t have to either!

Get Your Site To The Top Of Google Today!

Although it’s not an exact science, you now know the main factors when trying to get your site to the top of Google: strong keywords, unique images, backlinks, social media engagement, and a SEO-friendly blog post structure. However, it can be tough to apply all of these concepts into your own content without the right guidance. In our BlogWinners course, we will show exactly how to get your site to the top of Google.

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