Why Is This Article Number One In Google? The Truth!

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Why Is This Article Number One In Google? The Truth!

If you searched Google for this article, you’re probably wondering why it’s ranking number one in the search results. Although there is no master formula that will automatically make you rank number one in Google every time, there are many strategies you should be using every time you write a new blog post. In this article, I’ll explain why this article is number one in Google and how you can apply these methods to get your own content to the top.

Here’s Why This Article Is Number One In Google

This article is number one in Google because we applied simple SEO strategies including keyword research, creating original images, writing meta descriptions, and structuring this post with our proven BlogWinners formula. We do these four things (and more) every time we write a new article.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is vital when it comes to ranking on Google. If your blog posts don’t contain words or phrases that people are actually searching for, no one will find your content organically. One of the biggest reasons our articles rank so well is that we do extensive keyword research with a number of different tools.

Original Images

Original images add more unique content to your blog posts. Google loves unique content, so blog posts with original images get a boost in ranking. Conversely, blog posts that copy somebody else’s image (or doesn’t use an image at all) will suffer in Google rankings.

When adding original images to your blog posts, make sure they are properly tagged with a title and alt tags that hit the keyword your article is targeting. Descriptions and alt tags make it easier for Google to read and index your image.

Writing Good Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are an often overlooked factor when it comes to ranking number one in Google. A meta description is the little paragraph users see when they do a search on Google. A good meta description will summarize the article, lure readers in, and hit the focus keyword of the article.

Structuring The Post With The BlogWinners Formula

I’ll be blunt — even if you write great content, it probably won’t get found if you don’t structure your blog posts properly. At BlogWinners, we’ve created a blog post formula that has enabled us to rank number one in Google for many different. In our BlogWinners course, we give that formula away!

Wrapping Up The Number One Article

If you said to yourself, “Hey, those guys had to write an article that wasn’t number one before it actually became number one!” — well, you’re right! It’s actually kind of meta, as the hipsters say.

At BlogWinners, we’re so confident that our formula works that we wrote this article knowing it would get to the top of Google. Getting to the number one position is more than just four components, and we go in-depth about these four topics, as well as many others, as part of our BlogWinners course.

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