Why Write A Blog?

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Why Write A Blog?

It’s a tough question to ask because people write for a multitude of reasons. Whether it’s for a noble cause or just for the heck of it, people write because they have something to say.

Maybe you considered writing a blog at some point in your life only to dismiss the idea, thinking it was “too much work” or, more commonly, “I don’t have anything valuable to offer the world.” But that’s a lie. The truth is this:

You have a story to tell that you don’t know yet. Maya Angelou said it best when she said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

This article will be about what a blog isthe different reasons people choose to create one, and hopefully we’ll answer your questions along the way. No matter what whatever field, situation, or hobby you are in, having a blog can enrich your life.

Trust me: This “blog thing” is not as technical or as confined to intellectuals as you may think — in fact, I didn’t realize how easy it was until someone showed me how to do it — but you’re reading my blog post now!

what is a blog

What Is A Blog?

Let’s start by answering this question: What is a blog?

Google defines a blog as “A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style”. Informal and conversational style are the keywords — and they don’t sound intimidating, right?

Writing a blog is as simple as talking. I write using my voice, and that’s exactly how you should write. And people will relate more to your voice than if you wrote in the style of Shakespeare (I couldn’t do that even if I tried).

That said, if you do write like Shakespeare or you’re more of a scientific journal writer, then good for you! You already know your readers. The point here is that you’re enjoying the process and doing what feels natural to you.

sharing information and getting reactions

Why Do People Write A Blog?

Sharing Information

If you are one of those privileged people who gained experience, training or has access to information that you think can improve the lives of people and wanted to give back, writing a blog will help you to reach out and share this knowledge. Now this information could be as mundane as your pee. Yes, you read it right “Pee” or “Urine”, and it may be disgusting, which it is, can actually save you.

Let me give you an example about this foreigner in the Philippines who was having a great time in one of the beaches here. While she was walking and looking all amazed at these natural pocket pools created during low tide, stepped on a sea urchin. She was screaming in pain that caused quite a scene and, in fairness to her, sea urchin spines do have toxins that were designed to inflict hell.

The locals approached her and offered to help by peeing on the punctured site to immediately alleviate the pain. This poor woman brushed aside her “indoctrinated modern ways of thinking” and was desperate for anything. So one of the locals, a child, just went in full gear and emptied his bladder on her foot.

After a short while, the pain subsided and she almost can’t believe what had happened and thank everyone – especially the child. Now imagine if this woman wrote a blog about her horrific ordeal and how ingenious the cure was. Her experience could help thousands of beach goers all over the world.

Cultivating A Community

Let’s say you have a motorcycle group who are passionate about the adventure and the freedom of riding a bike. And you wanted to commemorate your anniversary or reunion and wanted to encourage more people to join. You can write a blog about the whole experience, you can introduce the members, showcase the bikes and just basically create a site that will represent your group.

You can encourage your members to contribute articles about their experiences during road tripping in snowy conditions perhaps, or how they managed to custom paint their gas tanks. There are hosts of reasons on how you can create a community that will benefit the organization.

You’re Not Bound By Forum Rules

A Forum is a great platform for exchanging information, ideas and having this sense of belongingness to a particular group. However, there are times where moderators are always breathing down your necks and watching everything you do and what you can’t do. You can’t blame them though because, after all, they are there to moderate but this sort of command responsibility does not sit well with some people.

If you wanted more freedom with your posts and if you feel that you have more to say, writing a blog may solve your problems. Running your own site will give you and those who share your vision and perspective, the liberty of expressing yourselves.

Audio, Video, Pictures And Texts

A blog is a multimedia platform that can host a variety of formats. If you are a collector of things like remote controlled toys and you feel that displaying them in your cabinet will not give it justice, a website will do. You can talk at length about the awesome modifications you made and how you can help other newbie hobbyists set theirs.

If you are into dogs and you want to document their lives, writing a blog filled with videos, pictures, and descriptions for posterity is a perfect idea. A dedicated website will always be there unlike in social media where a plethora of posts will swallow your posts fairly quickly.

If a podcast is your thing, you can have a blog solely for it. You can interview people you admire and engage your listeners on your site. You don’t have to confine yourself with texts and pictures alone.

Let Your Inspirations Take You To A Whole New Level

Creative people have restless minds because their heads are always tinkering ideas and inspirations. If you are bored confirming to the norms of social media platforms, let your rebel hearts loose. The advancement of civilization is often dictated by science, inspiration and daring to be different.

You can create a website that will define how you view the world. Remember, you don’t have to be like somebody else and that’s the reason why you are called an individual.

Writing Can Be Therapeutic

Have you ever had an experience where you have been itching to tell somebody something but, not having had the guts to do so, is an unbearable burden that keeps haunting you? Then one day, when you just can’t hold it anymore, you barrelled your way towards that person and spoke your heart out. And, all of a sudden, you felt that a heavy weight was lifted away from you.

Writing can be therapeutic but easier because you don’t need to tell it to anybody, you just need to write. Thinking about something and transcribing it into words is a very liberating experience, almost addictive at times. If you want to be at peace with your heart and mind, give writing a try and it doesn’t even have to be a novel.

I Don’t Know How To Program

You don’t have to, in fact, we made a number of websites that have over a million visits per month without writing any code. WordPress is an amazing service that lets you create a website without breaking a sweat, literally. If you sign up to our online course, at blogwinners.com, we can teach you how to set everything up from scratch.

Build An Online Portfolio

If you want to make a name for yourself, create a website and put quality content on it and let the world know what you are capable of. Almost everything is done on the internet nowadays and building a reputable online portfolio will be your key to competing in this ever changing environment.

Don’t Worry Too Much About Grammar

If you are just starting, don’t fret too much about writing the perfect sentence ever. You’re not in the classroom and no teacher is going to grade your content. In fact, authors are not aiming for that as well and that’s why they need editors.

Let’s say you are in a foreign country with a different language and you wanted to ask for directions. You don’t wait until you master the language before asking one right? All you need is to get your thoughts through to get an answer.

The best time to start writing is now and you’ll learn more by doing than thinking about how you’re going to do it.

inspiring people through blog writing

Be An Inspiration

The great businessman and inventor, Thomas Edison, famously said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Inspiration, no matter how minute they are, is an essential ingredient even for a genius to do great things. However, you don’t need to be as famous as him to be an inspiration.

In your own little way, if you can encourage people to do good things, then you are already a man of value.

how to make money from blogging

You Can Make Money

For those who aren’t motivated by money, this is an icing on a cake. But for others, it’s good to be paid doing what you love and it can’t get any better than that.

Create A Website For A Club Or Community In Your Area

If you are an active member of a civic group, for example, you can create a website and help your organization with events, fundraising, information dissemination or just basically get noticed.

Unlike Traditional Writers, You Don’t Need Much To Get Started

Traditional writers needed a bunch of people to get things goings like an agent, a publisher, an editor and so forth. With a blog, you only need yourself and your computer and you can get things going that very same day.

You Don’t Need To Aim For The Stars, Try The Ceiling First

Start with 300 words, that is just around three paragraphs only. One day, you’ll realize that it’s never enough and then you can start hitting something else.

You Can Be Anonymous

Let your alter ego loose and no one will notice. Your character can be just as wild as your imagination.

Website Building Is A Valuable Skill

You will be your greatest investment and your skill will be as valuable as your time.

You Don’t Have To Be An Expert

You just need to know something that you think will benefit your readers. If you can write about how to get rid of mosquitoes fast, that will be great.

Own Your Content

If you own your content, you can demand payment and / or recognition if somebody uses your article.

Transferable Skill

If you have developed a knack for writing, you can apply this valuable skill in different aspects of your life. In work, at school, in business, in relationships and so much more.

Traditional Media Is Dying

Barriers to entry in the online world are almost nil. You can compete directly with TV networks and run your own news company via a blog.

Write For Yourself And For Your Friends

If you write something for yourself and your friends, you’ll never look forward to writing a boring one right? You can start from there and grow your viewership.

Website Can Be A Private Journal

You can document a certain aspect of your life and monitor your progress. Maybe you wanted to try a new diet regimen and see for yourself if it works.

Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Start A Blog

Because today is the same as someday but you don’t have to wait.

Amazon And Alibaba Started As A Simple Website

It’s hard to imagine that they were a very small start up back then and now look where they are. Great things always come from humble beginnings.

A Blog Is Great For Hobbyists

If you write a blog about your hobby, people will be as interested as you if you have something that would interest them as well. If you like to fish, write a blog about fishing, who knows maybe one of your readers might tip you off to that one destination that will surpass all of your expectations.

Is It Expensive To Get Started?

Creating a website has never been cheaper and easier these days. A number of services we use to pay for before are now available for free. In fact, if you enroll in our online course, we can help you set up a website for just $12 (with our exclusive coupon code), in less than an hour.

So, right now, the world wants to know: “What’s your story?”


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